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About Medi-One Financial

At Medi-One Financial, we have 25 years of lease and loan financing experience, working with Healthcare Professionals across Canada. Due to our expertise in the Healthcare sector, we know the potential of your healthcare practice or business and we are dedicated to maximizing that potential. We are here to work with you and support your financing needs, whether it is to acquire new/used equipment or set up a new practice/business.

Medi-One Financial also offers competitive Vendor Finance Programs, guaranteeing quick approvals and payments to our Vendor Partners, along with tailored lease programs and competitive finance rates to help close sales!  

These are just some of the assets that Medi-One Financial can secure financing for:

  • X-Rays and Ultrasounds
  • Cardiology equipment
  • Optometric equipment
  • Medical and Surgical Lasers
  • Aesthetic Lasers
  • Computer Hardware and Software
  • Soft assets including displays and leasehold improvements