At Medi-One Financial we have over 15 years of Healthcare Finance experience, working with Healthcare Professionals across Canada. We know the potential of your healthcare practice or business and we are dedicated to maximizing that potential.  We are here to work with you and support you, whether it is to acquire a basic piece of equipment or purchase an entire practice.



Medi-One Financial has access to the most competitive financing rates available due to our specialized relationships with a diverse group of bank and non-bank funding partners and we bring these low rates to our customers! We represent our customers when sourcing the best

financial packages to

suit individual needs.

Working For You!

Medi-One Financial offers financing to a wide range of Healthcare Professionals including:


    • Chiropractors
    • Hospitals

    • Laboratories

    • Clinics

    • Other Healthcare Professionals

    • Physicians and Specialists

    • Dentists and Dental Specialists

    • Veterinarians

    • Ophthalmologists

    • Optometrists

    • Opticians



      Providing Innovative Financing

      Solutions to Healthcare Professionals


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