Medi-One Financial can secure LEASE and LOAN

financing for the following:

  • Equipment Purchases
  • Leasehold Improvements (i.e. renovations)
  • Practice Purchases
  • Practice Set-Ups
  • Practice Expansions and /or Relocations
  • Commercial Mortgages and Construction Projects

Not only can we secure and structure a financial package that suits your individual needs, we are committed to your success by providing the following services:

  • Preferred lower rates, fixed and floating
  • Tailored lease/loan structure
  • Quick credit approvals
  • Business Plans for new set-ups - advising you on how to put together your new Business Plan to successfully secure your financial requirements
  • Cash Flow Analysis - we will analyze your cash flow situation to ensure your profitability
  • Financial Projections - all great Business Plans are accompanied by an accurate projection of future revenues
  • Leasing Line-of-Credit - to make equipment purchases, perform renovations and leasehold improvements for up to six months; lease commences when all purchases are complete
  • 90 Days Do Not Pay - take a payment holiday for the first 3 months until cash flow improves
  • Step-Up Payments - to help coincide with cash flow or allow time to train on new technology

Providing Innovative Financing

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